Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan is a Pakistani model and actress. She actually started her showbiz career at a young age. Aiman Khan was very young at the time, working in commercials was nothing more than fun and games. After being a part of many projects for a few years, when she grew up, she remade her career and played a major role in the dramas. From a chubby baby, she grew up to be a beautiful young woman. She has received unprecedented love from the public so that only her name can sell the Drama.

Ever since she joined the industry at a young age, she has been in the business. While this is not always a planned career for Aiman, it does require a lot of commitment. Her popularity on social media also contributed to her success as an actress. Following her social media will help her get quality projects.



Age of Aiman Khan

Aiman was born on November 22, 1998. She is one of the youngest in the industry with years of experience.

Aman Khan and Minal Khan

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are twin sisters. They have been associated with the showbiz industry since childhood and these two twin sisters really grew up in front of an audience. Their first project was together and they worked together for a long time.

Aiman and Minal did not act together in one drama but did several modeling ventures as a team. Aiman and Minal are often interviewed together, their social media handles are filled with pictures in which they seem to be having a great time and most importantly, they have always defended each other.

She was born 28 minutes before her twin sister. Although it was not an ‘age difference’, this difference of a few minutes affected her personality. According to Minal Khan, Aiman is Bossier. She makes friends easily and most of Minal’s friends are actually her sister’s friends. In an interview, Minal Khan explained that her sister is short-tempered, moody, and difficult to understand.

Aiman Khan Family

She has a generous family and her family is from Karachi. Aiman’s father was in the Pakistani police force. She has a twin sister, Minal Khan, who is also a media personality. Aiman has 3 younger siblings.

She married Muneeb Butt‌ in November 2018. Aiman and Muneeb have a daughter named Amal Muneeb. The only downside to getting married is that she is no longer be with her family, in her home, in the home where your comfort zone is. She believes that no matter how much love you receive from your in-laws, it will never last as long as you receive it from your family.

Since Aiman became a mother, her responsibilities have increased. Before giving birth to her daughter, Aiman thought that after marriage, she had more time than ever before to give to her family. So before she could work, she had no time to spend with her family because there was work time. Both of her families have always been equal to her.

Aiman Khan has a kind of bond with her father. According to her, she was like a son to her father. While they love each other lovingly, they also argue whenever conflict arises. These arguments never meet in the way they love each other. Her father sees her as a friend and they make sure they don’t hurt each other too much.


Brothers of Aiman Khan

She has 3 brothers. All her brothers are younger than her. Her two brothers are also identical twins. The Aiman brothers are as close to her as her sister. When she got married, his brothers were eager to meet their sister. Aiman is the older sister who handles everything for everyone in the house. Even after getting married, she makes sure to spend enough time with her family.


Husband of Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan’s husband Muneeb Butt is also an actor who has made a name for himself. Aiman and Muneeb have worked together on several dramas. Muneeb Butt belongs to a wealthy family and unlike other Pakistani celebrities who struggled financially before making it big in the industry.

Muneeb suddenly decided to join the industry when he went to see a commercial photoshoot. Shehroz joined the vegetable industry and Muneeb went to see their commercial shoot. Seeing the process of dealing with a celebrity, he decided what he wanted to do in life and that’s where the fight began.

Muneeb Butt’s father is a businessman who sells electronic devices. Muneeb Butt’s father was a general business owner, which started when Muneeb was born. Muneeb Butt’s brother’s name is Junaid Butt and he helps his father manage the family business. Muneeb Butt’s brother has two children, a son, and a daughter. Muneeb was really close to his brother and father.

Muneeb has only one sister younger than him. Muneeb is really close to his mother too. According to Muneeb, his mother was a very ordinary woman who was a housewife. Muneeb is a brilliant person who fell in love with Aiman because of her personality, not just her appearance. He was always really mature for his age, a trait that Aiman also liked.

Daughter of Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan’s daughter was born on August 30, 2019. Aiman and Muneeb named their daughter Amal Muneeb, a combination of Aiman and Muneeb, which also has a beautiful meaning. When Aiman Khan’s daughter was born, people were waiting to see her picture. A picture was leaked by someone in a few hours. Aiman was really upset about this. She wanted to share the picture of her daughter herself, but Aiman was unable to do so as the picture was already viral on social media.

She devoted her time entirely to raising her daughter. She often talks about how difficult it is to raise a child but it is totally worth it. Aiman’s family helped her a lot to grow. In a recent interview, Aiman said that for the first 4 months after giving birth to Amal, she had a lack of sleep and she cried every day.

Muneeb enjoyed spending time in the lockdown with his daughter. If it weren’t for this lockout, he would have missed several milestones in execution. He considers it a blessing in disguise. Aiman said he did not get any help from Muneeb while looking after Amal. Minal and her mother were her biggest support.


List of Aiman Khan Dramas

  1. Mohabbat Bhaar Mein Jaye –  2012
  2. Meri Beti –  2013
  3. Digest Writer – 2014
  4. Beqasoor – 2015
  5. Khawab Siraye – 2016
  6. Mann Mayal – 2016
  7. Khali Haath – 2017
  8. Zindaan – 2017
  9. Hari Hari Churiyaan – 2017
  10. Ghar Titli Ka Par – 2018
  11. Kaif-e-Baharan – 2018
  12. Ishq Tamasha – 2018
  13. Baydardi – 2018
  14. Baandi – 2018

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