Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir needs no introduction. He ruled the television screen in the 80s and is still considered an experienced actor. Decades after the drama’s serial ended officially, His character named zain in Tanhaiyan is still loved. His charm. Feeling good and great acting talent remains a deadly combination to this day.

His father Raza Mir was a director, producer, and actor. He became the cinematographer for the first Pakistani film Yaad, which was remade in 1948. His father did not want him to step into the world of entertainment. Although he always wanted to join the field, he went against his father’s wishes and joined the Showbiz industry at an early age. His mother on the other hand always supported him.

Although Asif Raza Mir’s father had already done very well in the entertainment industry, he had to work very hard to identify himself. He acted in the best films and plays of the time. His biological performance brought him unprecedented success. His humble and handsome personality attracted more fans.

In fact, he joined the industry at a young age. He is a handsome young man with a sticky smile so many people love him. As a child, he loved every role he played. His acting has continued to impress audiences for years. Even in his younger days, he was known for his intense and sensitive nature.

It was time for him to stop acting altogether. He did not appear on television for many years. Once he started acting again, he was overwhelmed with the love and response he received.

Age of Asif Raza Mir

He was born on September 26, 1959.

Family of Asif Raza Mir

His family has been in the entertainment industry for three generations now. His father Raza Mir devoted most of his life to helping the Pakistani film industry. Now his son Ahad Raza Mir has joined the industry and is already considered one of the top actors in Pakistan.

His family regards Showbiz as a respectable profession. Showbiz is proud that his family is the only family in the industry, three generations of whom have dedicated many years of his life to Pakistan Showbiz.

Wife of Asif Raza Mir

Samra Asif Mir, the wife of Asif Raza Mir, is his biggest fan. She always makes her husband happy and now she is there to show her support to her son Ahad Raza Mir. They have two sons, Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Raza Mir. He is currently settled in Canada with his family.


Samra Asif Mir, wife of Asif Raza Mir appeared in several interviews. He was also on social media. He has a funny and clear personality. The marriage of Asif Raza Mir and Samra Asif Mir was arranged. At first, his wife found it difficult to use that kind of fan behind her husband.

He shared in an interview that as the years passed, his wife realized that he was not a man who would shun other women. When he feels more secure in a relationship.

His wife worked behind the scenes on a food channel for a while but later came to the conclusion that her tastes were completely different.

Daughter of Asif Raza Mir

He has no daughter. His daughter-in-law Sajal Ali is like a daughter to him and his wife. The couple’s acceptance of Sajal Ali as their daughter has been ideal since their engagement with Ahad Raza Mirza.


Asif Raza Mir Production House

He got into advertising when he found out he couldn’t pay his bills and look after his family only through acting. The acting was not a lucrative business at the time. Therefore, they decided to switch to advertising. For a year, he worked at an advertising agency to learn about the business. He knew nothing about advertising at the time. A few years later, he founded his own advertising company.

As his advertising company grew, he decided to start his own production house. He joined hands with Babur Javed, Director, Production House A&B Entertainment. The production house was established in 2009 and has been instrumental in reviving the drama industry in Pakistan.

List of Asif Raza Mir Dramas

His career as an actor began when he was selected to play the lead role in the first color drama in the history of Pakistani television. Here is a list of many dramas he has acted in since then.

  1. Tanhaiyaan
  2. Nishan-e-Haider
  3. Amawas
  4. Aangan Terha
  5. Tansen
  6. Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Mile
  7. Badlon Per Basera
  8. Sarkar Sahab as Sarkar Sahab
  9. Tere Liye
  10. Baarish Ke Aansoo
  11. Aasman Choone Do
  12. Anokha Bandhan
  13. Agar Tum Na Hote
  14. Abhi Door Hai Kinara
  15. Ishq Gumshuda
  16. Dil Hai Chota Sa
  17. The Ghost
  18. Mujhe Apna Bana Lo
  19. Kaisi Hain Doorian
  20. Din Dhallay
  21. Roag
  22. Shehr e Dil Ke Darwaze
  23. Haal e Dil
  24. Qissa Chaar Darwesh
  25. Diya jale
  26. Qaid e Tanhai
  27. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon
  28. Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay
  29. Siskiyan
  30. Muqabil
  31. Moray Saiyaan
  32. Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain
  33. Parchayee
  34. Nibah
  35. Khalish
  36. Gangs of London 2020 as Asif (British Crime Drama) Sky TV

Son of Asif Raza Mir

Ahad Raza Mir, son of Asif Raza Mir, started acting in Pakistani dramas a few years back, but he already has a large number of fans. Ahad Raza Mir always loved acting even when he was in college. He is a Polish actor because he has already performed in a theater in Canada.


Ahad Raza Mir is part of some of the biggest Pakistani dramas that have aired recently. He is proud of his son. Ahad Raza Mir is also proud to be the son of Asif Raza Mir but wants to make his mark.

People often compare Ahad Raza Mir with Asif Raza Mir. Ahad Raza Mir is married to fellow actress Sajal Ali, who is already a star in Pakistani drama. On-screen duo Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali are currently very popular on television.

His youngest son Adnan Raza Mir decided not to enter the field of performing arts. Adnan Raza Mir is 20 years old. Ahad’s mother shared that Adnan was more serious and had to constantly watch for her mood. However, Adnan is also interested in photography. Adnan’s Instagram account runs under the name Azyteem. He is very active on Instagram and the strong bond he shares with his brother is evident from the pictures he shares.

The close family of Asif Raza Mir. They all worked hard during bad times and evolved into wonderful human beings.


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