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Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is an actress and a model who makes her presence feel short-lived because of her overflowing confidence and great acting skills. She has been a part of some of the biggest projects. Iqra Aziz is also known for being outspoken. Iqra Aziz wanted to be part of the …

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Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is a very popular Pakistani Model and Actress. Her next follower has never been seen. She has a sweet and kind personality especially while sharing captions about her private life with her fans. She is one of the few celebrities who knows her image well. Though she always …

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Mahira Khan

Mahira Hafeez Khan, Known as Mahira Khan is a top actress in Pakistan. It is no exaggeration to say that she is pushing the Pakistani industry. She was a former VJ but later turned to act. Mahira is one of the highest-paid actresses in Pakistan. Mahira Khan is from Karachi …

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Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza Mir comes from a family that always supports the choices he makes in life. Acting runs in the genes of Ahad Raza Mir, and how is the question that Asif Raza Mir (his father) and Raza Mir (his grandfather) have given enough for Pakistani entertainment. Although Ahad is …

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Sajal Ali

Sajal Ali is one of the most successful actresses in the Pakistani Showbiz Industry. The audience loved her for doing challenging roles from a young age. Although Sajal Ali joined the entertainment industry at an early age, she never focused on attractive roles. She has worked with some big names …

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Bigg Boss Season14th will Live from October. The most standard show related to the Colors TV, Bigg Boss Show will have its fourteenth season. In view of the long time range of the Corona Pandemic, the lives of all the redirection adoring people were dull and depleting. as this was …

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My 6 Favorite Netflix Series


There are many great TV shows on Netflix But what is the real Netflix series? The streaming service has placed more emphasis on its programs over the past few years, and with more than 100 Netflix roots between aimless shows and movies, browsing can be difficult. The series is something …

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8 Must Watch Netflix Series

Money Heist It is the English dubbed version of a Spanish show named, La Casa de Papel. Its Spanish audio is also available with English subtitles It is a story of a bunch of robbers who take training from Professor and execute a heist. The peculiarity of this show is …

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