Hira Mani

Hira Mani began her career in showbiz as a host and is now a well-known Pakistani actress. She is proud to be the only married actress in the Pakistani drama industry who managed to get here despite joining the industry with children.  Recently, she has worked on some of the biggest dramas.

Hira Mani pays homage to her success with her husband who has always encouraged and guided her in the right way. In an interview, she shared that it was only after meeting her husband that she realized what her strong points were. She was always an overconfident woman but often her self-esteem was criticized by the people around her. Her husband let her know that this was really her strong point.

She always wanted to be the center of attraction. In her mind, she was always a ‘hero’, a person who was pampered by her brothers. Her brothers loved to take pictures of her and always praised her. This is one of the reasons why she was so confident. Hira Mani was a natural actor, known for her acting and singing skills in school and college. Despite all this confidence and talent, Hira Mani never really thought about looking for a job in the entertainment industry. She grew up watching Bollywood movies and was a big fan of Sri Devi since she was a child.


It was only after her marriage that she began to take sides with her famous husband. When she first started hosting she was severely criticized for being blunt at times. A year later she took part in her first project with her husband. It was actually her husband’s advice to her that she should leave the management and start imitating. She had never imagined that she would become a real hero!

She’s one of the few celebrities who doesn’t let any criticism come to her. Although she is often criticized for one reason or another, she rarely pays attention. Indeed, the love she received from her followers far outweighed any criticism she faced. People love Hira Mani because of her off-screen appearance. Unlike many other celebrities, she keeps things invisible on the screen and does not have stars.

Age of Hira Mani

She was born on February 27, 1989.

Family of Hira Mani

She is married to Salman Saqib Sheikh, better known as Mani in the field and more. The couple has two beautiful boys named Muzamil and Ibrahim. Hira loves to spend time with her family and when she is at home, she is a wife and mother, not a celebrity. She participated in the interview that it is not easy to do a rotating job with the family at the same time but it is easier for her because she does what she likes. Her life is focused on her children and she organizes their days around them.

She also shared in the discussion that leaving her children for long hours and sometimes days has never been easier. She always felt that this was a great sacrifice for her because she misses her children so much when she is not at work. Hira feels that God rewarded her with this sacrifice with honor and respect. Hira’s husband and children are always there to support her.

She has three brothers, her father worked in a bank, and her parents had a loving marriage. Her mother loved listening to romantic music and her parents loved each other very much too. That is why Hira Mani believes she is truly in love and grew up dreaming of marrying the man of her dreams.

Hira Mani’s parents, brothers, and even a large family were very supportive when she joined the profession. She also tried his best to make sure she worked in the right sports and did not disappoint her family.


Hira Mani Children

She has two children, both of whom are boys. Their names are Muzamil and Ibrahim. She focuses on her energy at home in spending quality time with her children. When asked in an interview what would be a good day for Hira Mani and her husband, she replied that her children did not give them enough space to go on dates. She loves swimming with her children and her husband.


Hira Mani’s Husband

Hira Mani’s husband has Joined the industry long before her.  In fact, he was the one who encouraged her to join showbiz with him. He continued to encourage her everywhere. Hira always commends her husband whenever he gives her any conversations. In such an interview, she revealed that her husband loved her so much that she stopped sharing her status with him in public because it affected Hira’s work.

He pointed out that Imran Abbas and Naveen Waqar refused to work with him when they were offered the project next to Hira because she was Mani’s wife. Mani saw this and decided not to share her situation as openly as before because of this.

She was only 17 when she first met Mani not knowing that she would be her future husband. Hira was always a big fan of Mani because she always connected with anything she said on television. He always felt that there was a connection between them even though he had never actually spoken to her.

Hira Mani’s two engagements dropped before she finally decided to find the man of her dreams for her husband Mani. Hira Mani in a shared interview that her husband fulfilled all her dreams. He gave her the kind of life she always wanted. Their love story is different in many ways.


Hira Mani’s Son

Hira Mani’s son Muzamil, his eldest son, is very close to him. She also has her Instagram account with 16.6k followers. He was in the news a few months back after sharing his views on the popular Hollywood film Joker. He shared it and it became a source of frustration for him. She often talks about his son and goes on to say that it is really hard to leave his children behind and go to work. Muzamil, however, continues to call her as he misses her so much.

Hira Mani’s life is focused on her children in a big way. She loves making plans for their future and does her best to make sure they are always learning something new. Although Hira is a big star, she did not spend much time ‘planning’ her work on showbiz. On the contrary, she puts that energy and time into her family and children.

List of Hira Mani Dramas

  1. Khala Surraya –  2012
  2. Meri Teri Kahani – 2013
  3. Janam Jali 2 – 2014
  4. Preet Na Kariyo Koi – 2015
  5. Sun Yaara – 2017
  6. Bilquees Urf Bitto – 2017
  7. Yaqeen Ka Safar – 2017
  8. Thays – 2018
  9. Aangan – 2018
  10. Dil Mom Ka Diya – 2018
  11. Do Bol – 2019
  12. Ghalati – 2020
  13. Kashf – 2020

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