My 6 Favorite Netflix Series

There are many great TV shows on Netflix But what is the real Netflix series? The streaming service has placed more emphasis on its programs over the past few years, and with more than 100 Netflix roots between aimless shows and movies, browsing can be difficult. The series is something we will give our mind and time to and we are all very selective when it comes to one choice. If you’re trying to figure out which show to watch next, here’s a good place to start by looking at a list of some of the best Netflix series you can watch right now. Here is a list of all Netflix’s best things you can watch.

Death Note

It is an Anime/ Manga series. The story is about the God of Death who has a death note in which if you write a person’s name, that person dies.  The god of death is called Shinigami. One very fine day a death note slips through the hands of a Shinigami and lands on earth.

Even though when I put it like this, it doesn’t make much sense. Later on, the note is found by a human, Who kills a lot of people using the death note. Another bunch of people is trying to catch the boy who has got the note, in order to stop the killing. But this clever boy with note deceives everyone. That is the basic storyline.  But the way is taken is so different, that we will keep on watching it.

Every episode is eventful especially the first few episodes are very happening at times you will be borderline confused because one too many things are happening on screen.

Everything is animated, but still so well portrayed. We will emote with characters, the evil ones really do feel evil. So kudos to these artists, because to express such emotions through drawing is not easy.  But as viewers, we never feel the storytelling is limited because of the style we will just keep on watching the series.

Death Note
Source: IMDb

Black Mirror

It is an anthology series, the peculiarity of which is that each episode tells a complete story that is not connected to the other episodes. So the advantage is that whenever we get a small break from our work from the routine we can just watch a single episode and enjoy the story.  The premise of these stories is always a dystopian future laden with technology and how it is adversely affecting humankind.

The show shows a future that is very dystopian. This might feel too close to our reality as well that maybe the events described in the series have already manifested which might be scary for some since it reminds us that such a future is not far. All of these virtual reality games and our addiction to mobile phones the stories told in series seem like a real possibility.

Another specialty of Black Mirror is that there is an episode called Bandersnatch. It is set in a way that we can decide what happens with the character according to our decision, the character’s fate changes, the final outcome of that episode changes. That is what is interesting about Bandersnatch, Which is a very interesting concept.

Black Mirror
Source: IMDb

Tiger King

Before I start talking about Tiger King, I will put this fact out there Worldwide there are 3890 wild tigers are there in short there are 3890 tigers living in forests. In that number 2967 are in India which means three by forth of wild tigers in the world are in India. keeping that aside let’s look at the U.S, the number of domesticated tigers in America is more than 5000.

This documentary is about that It shows a few of these people who have kept Tigers like this. Majorly two or three people, there is murder in the story, mystery, and a whole lot of tigers, lions, and ligers. Please note that there are no ligers in the wild these people have breaded lions and tigers to create them. all of this makes up the messy, complicated tale that is Tiger King but it is an interesting one.

The initial few episodes are maybe lagging, because they are setting the premise, but after some time it becomes interesting like a movie.

the tiger king
Source: IMDb

Wild Wild Country

It’s about an Indian guru Osho Rajaneesh. It is a documentary series. It is about how he uprooted his ashram from Indian to Oregon, USA. Albeit the intentions being transparent and peaceful in the beginning how it went downhill later on in the ashram is shown in the series.

Despite the documentary being about Osho the most interesting character is his right hand Ma Anand Sheela mostly the series progress through her point of view on the incidents. The most interesting thing is that a guru, from India, went to U.S.A and created an empire there and how it all collapsed like a house of cards is portrayed in this show.

Maybe for  Indians, this might be more interesting to watch once again, the pace of this documentary is slow not many will have the patience to sit through the whole thing but if you manage to watch it, it will be worthwhile.

wild wild country
Source: IMDb

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It is about the police station in the U.S.A.  Jake Peralta is one of the major characters, along with him, there is the captain of the precinct and his co-workers. Each and every character are so funny, it is so entertaining to watch. This series also has a very good rating. So,  if you are a person who likes such fun shows you can give it a try.

brooklyn nine-nine
Source: IMDb

The Witcher

It is based on a book of the same name. There is a game based on the book as well. People who have read the book or played the game might be familiar with it. it is set in medieval times aesthetically very similar to Game of Thrones. There are monsters, people who kill monsters. Since it is the first season of the show, they are introducing characters and setting their storylines.

And some of you might want to binge-watch the whole series completely, but with this series, it is not possible since only one season has come out. In case you are looking for something similar to GOT this is a good replacement.

The witcher
Source: IMDb

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