Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi is a rare actor who is known for playing challenging roles. Even at a young age, Yumna Zaidi chose to play the roles played by the characters. She is known for her powerful presentation as well as for the wisdom she chooses her projects for.

Her acting career began by accident. Although she loved doing things for others from a young age, she never planned a showbiz career. Her first education was at Convent so she was raised under strict rules. As a result, Yumna believes that there is still a certain fear in her perhaps of authority.

Growing up, Yumna was a bully, loved flying kites, and often played with boys rather than girls. She has strong faith in God and she thanks to him for providing her with the environment she enjoys today. Yumna takes a really serious step in the process of making an automatic transition into a situation where she can’t even understand herself.

She takes her individual acting very seriously. she never takes for granted the prestige and recognition that she has. She is always afraid of losing her ‘great power’ because she is just imitating her!


Age of Yumna Zaidi

Yumna was born on July 30, 1989.

Yumna Zaidi’s Education

She did her Masters at Home Economics College in Lahore. Shortly after doing her Masters, she moved to the US with her family.

Family of Yumna Zaidi

Yumna has 3 siblings,   two older sisters and a younger brother. Her father Zameendar Zaidi recently passed away. Yumna was born in Karachi but was raised mainly in Arif Wala. Later, she moved to Lahore to further her studies. Her family was especially supportive of her throughout her career. Her whole family and relatives sit down to watch her dramas and always appreciate her work.

Yumna’s siblings in particular make her feel like she is the best actress in Pakistan. The support she received from her family gave her the encouragement she needed to keep working hard.


Father of Yumna Zaidi

His name is Zameendar Zaidi. He died of a heart attack in 2019 during Ramazan’s tenure. She had a special bond with his father. She announced the tragic death of her father on an emotionally charged Instagram account.

Mother  of Yumna Zaidi

Her mother’s name is Shabana Naheed Zaidi. She is very active in social media and uses the platform to spread religious knowledge.

Yumna talks about love for her mother in every conversation. Her mother played a key role in ensuring that all children were raised properly. Yumna, in particular, is very close to her mother and her mother has always supported her in her pursuit of acting.

Even now, Yumna Zaidi asks her mother for suggestions on whether she should go to the show or work on a  drama and concerning about what she should wear. Yumna Plus takes her mother’s help in all aspects of life and is her best friend.


Sisters of Yumna Zaidi

She has a very older sister. Their names are Mehreen Zaidi and Alizah Zaidi. Yumna’s sister played a key role in bringing her into the entertainment industry. Famous actor Affan Waheed is a good friend of Yumna’s sister.  Afzan Waheed was his sister’s batch colleague at the NCA and he told the story on the ARY Morning Show about how Affan helped him get into the industry. He began his career as a radio jockey (RJ) and was initially a host. But now she is playing every emotional and serious role in the play “Thakan” from 2012 till now. Over the years, she has been nominated for several plays as a leading actress in Pakistan at several awards ceremonies. At the 2018 Hum Awards, she was nominated for Best On-Screen Duet for the play Yeh Raha Dil (2017) with Ahmed Ali.

Husband of Yumna Zaidi

She is not married yet even though her mother wants her to settle down now. The reason for this is that Yumna has a certain idea and has not found that person yet. She made it very clear that hers would be an arranged marriage but she wanted certain qualities from her husband.

Yumna thinks she has a dominant and controlling personality. Therefore, she may choose to marry someone who is strong. She wants her husband to be in charge of the relationship and has not found such a person yet.

Yumna Shows Over TV

Yumna Zaidi TV shows are often popular with viewers because of their content. You make sure you are part of those shows that offer something new and exciting. More recently, Yumna Zaidi has reintroduced the role of the best-selling dramas. Often, Yumna prefers to be part of a TV show that is more artistic than commercials.


List of Yumna Zaidi Dramas

  1. Thakan – 2012
  2. Khushi Ek Roag – 2012
  3. Meri Dulari – 2013
  4. Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi – 2013
  5. Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se – 2013
  6. Mausam – 2014
  7. Aap ki Kaneez – 2014
  8. Jugnoo – 2015
  9. Paras – 2012
  10. Guzaarish – 2015
  11. Zara Yaad Kar – 2016
  12. Pinjra – 2017
  13. Yeh Raha Dil – 2017
  14. Dar Si Jati Hai Sila – 2018
  15. Pukaar – 2018
  16. Dil Kiya Karay – 2018
  17. Inkaar – 2019
  18. Choti Choti Batain – 2019
  19. Pyar ke Sadqay – 2020

Other Work

Zaidi appears extensively in the media in dynamic and regularly syndicated programs. After the crime drama serial Udari, which was banned in 2016, she said,

“It depends on a social cause and we need to take care of our common people through such show serials.”

She controls her desire for the crystal montage of fashion Ayesha Fareed on Hami TV’s Bridal Couture Week. Also in 2017, she starred in the VIP satire syndicated program Mazaaq Rat.


She received several nominations in 2014, including Best Supporting Actress ”Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi ”. In addition, “Rishte Kuch Adhoore Se” won her nominations for Best Actress and Most Popular Actress in 2014. In addition, she won. Best Villain, Best Actress, Best Popular Actress for Mosam (2015) and Jugnu (2016). In addition, she was selected as the best on-screen duo for her appearance in the 2018 drama Drama Yeh Raha Dil opposite Ahmed Ali.



Her base salary for a drama episode is 80 thousand and her total assets are around 5 million.



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